Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Häme Medieval Market

Häme medieval market was once again the place to be. Event featured viking attack with two boats, Faravidin sudet show, friends and fellow men in arms. That is the story of saga's. I also got to ride a horse wagon in my armor. Ladies tried to get me ride a horse too...

More pictures:

Medieval - Paladin Armor

My new leg parts and sabatons arrived. So I had to wear the armor all day.. excellent workout to carry +20kg for 8 hours :)

Medieval - Wooden Dragon

Great wood artizan work.

Medieval - Market

Häme medieval market is a tradition was my family originates from the region.

Medieval - Faravidin Sudet

The reeactment group Faravidin Sudet have always a great show. Some fight scenes.

Medieval - Music

There was many bands playing, this one got people dancing with their fun melodies.

Medieval - Viking Boat

Few pictures of the Viking boat.